Thursday, March 1, 2018

Slice of Life Challenge Accepted 

Write about something everyday ... easy right? Maybe not so much - - - where to find inspiration? How about eavesdropping......

Today I found myself on a train going to meet my friends at convention.  Younger teachers crowded around me, talking loudly, confidently about themselves, their students, their teaching, their hopes for the future, whether they wanted to go back to school or not to pursue masters degrees, become assistant principals..."do the religion degree, it's free" one says, "yeah it's free but I heard it's hard" the other answers, "yeah my friend got one class in an there was just too much reading so she stopped", " I think I am done with school, the reading, the tests the writing it's just too hard" the third answers ....

I chuckled to myself, knowing I was coming home to read, think, and write today and everyday in this challenge. I love the energy of convention, the people watching, meeting up with friends.  Today however, I felt old, or maybe odd. I like reading, learning, taking courses, challenging myself.  If it's too easy, is it worth it?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Patiently Waiting for Spring

I am patiently waiting for spring, ok, maybe not so patiently.  This theme makes me think of spring which is also a good thing.  For the Albertans and campers in the crowd, today is the official day that the Alberta parks reservations site opens.  OFFICIALLY today we can book for the first camping expedition of the year - the May long weekend.  If you are centrally located like me, we can officially book sites at 1pm.  If you don't have the link you can get it here!
Alberta Parks

Monday, February 19, 2018

My Poor Dog

Ah the freeze and melt, freeze and melt, freeze and melt, this year it has created havoc for my poor dog, cutting into his poor little paw pads.  We took him to the vet, she suggested we give him pain meds and try to keep him from licking his paws.  We have tried the cone, - poor coney - he was able to get his foot into the cone and continue to lick, so we reverted to socks- specifically work socks, and packing tape to hold the sock on, then carefully folding the sock over the tape to prevent him from pulling the sock off!  The struggle is real - let me tell you!


This sounds like a book written by a Canadian author, Robert Munsch, only it is actually my life! Today I worked feverishly to reach pavement in my driveway.  It has been way to cold to shovel every day after the snowfall so we ended up packing down the snow with the cars. So today as a family day activity we all went out and dug down to pavement.  It was kinda cool the large chunks of snow that we created, my daughter was able to make her very own snowfort !

Slice of Life Challenge Accepted  Write about something everyday ... easy right? Maybe not so much - - - where to find inspiration? How ab...